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A Note From Todd Burton, M.D.

Dear Families of All About Children Pediatrics,

We at AACP are aware and constantly trying to improve on wait time.  Make no mistake, our #1 priority is providing good quality medical care to your children, and we will never compromise this!  There are a number of potential factors which can affect time spent at the doctor’s office…some totally out of our control and others that the collective “we” may be able to improve upon.  Some of these you may or may not be aware of…

  • In-office emergencies: lacerations, respiratory distress, severe allergic reactions, etc.
  • Emergency deliveries:  We attend emergency c-sections or other deliveries at Medical Center of McKinney and Presbyterian Hospital of Allen if there are complications or potential complications and the Obstetrician requests our presence.
  • Certain times of day:  The “after-school rush” tends to make for longer wait times.
  • Our policy of same day sick appointments:  While some physicians would view this as a luxury for parents, we feel strongly about it.  If you know you want your children seen today, we will see them today even if every appointment is booked.  We may inform you that all of our appointments are booked and we will have to double book you and work you in.  We may also decide, together with you, over the phone on a course of treatment to get you through until the next day.
  • Staffing:  We have grown and changed staffing as the Practice population has changed.  Part of that has been transitioning from some superb part-time staff to full-time staffing.  Seeing the same faces everyday is important for you and your children, but it also allows us to grow, mature, and gel as a work group, which can and will improve the efficiency of the office.  We also continue to grow in numbers as the need arises.
  • Being on time for appointments:  Because many times wait times have been long, too long in our opinion, we find it hard to be strict on this.  But this is a key factor that can snowball over the day and add up to 45 minutes to an hour or more of delays by the end of the morning or afternoon sessions.  We ask that you arrive on time or approximately 5 minutes early (15 minutes if first time patients) to fill out paperwork.  Please realize that if you are more than 10 minutes late we have to cancel your appointment slot and “work you back in” or reschedule you.  If we are going to improve on wait times, we must address all factors we can control.  We realize emergencies happen, or sometimes just getting a new baby or 2-3 children to go anywhere is a chore, especially if they are sick and you are sleep-deprived!  We simply ask that if you know that you will be late, please call and we can reschedule you and give your time slot to someone else.
  • Keeping your appointment to what it is scheduled for:  Many times, parents request to change a sick appointment to an overdue well exam, or want to discuss some other major issue/problem other than what the child is there for that day.  As you can imagine, this will cause delays.  It takes much more time for the staff to “prepare” for a well exam with measurements, graphing, history, etc., not to mention the time for the exam, discussion of development, and immunizations.  Sometimes parents want us to see siblings who are not scheduled or even discuss siblings who aren’t there.

                These last two points are important to remember and ones with which we would like to request your assistance.  Please help us in our effort to serve you better as we are caring for your child and the children and families of this community.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Todd Burton, M.D.

If your child has a life-threatening emergency,
please call 9-1-1 immediately
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